Biopsy Her Brain.

Snippets from Inside My Brain:

Irony is Mormon University’s prized pizzeria serving *red* creme soda. Red, the color of communists and heathen universities. Maybe it’s the pizzeria’s way of acknowledging its roots.

Said pizzeria also serves “green” ranch. Might just be me, but I think it’s a bad thing when your dairy products turn green. *shrugs…proceeds to drench salad in ranch anyway*

I keep eating. I think I want some mint oreo ice cream.

If I were to get a tattoo right now this very second, I would either tattoo words of Joseph Smith’s or from Doctrine and Covenants (so…words of Joseph Smith’s) onto my skin.

Jennifer came up with a funny tattoo idea. I’m always writing things on my left wrist. He said I should get a tattoo on my wrist that looks like a notepad with the label “Notes” written at the top. Teehee. Maybe…

I’m afraid of needles, so worrying about me and the tattoos is needless.


I’m reading Sister Carrie and I was hoping it was going to be something more along the lines of Stephen King goes to a convent and less along the lines of glorifying middle-class white people problems at the beginning of the 20th century. I miss British Modernism.

If I had my way, I would wear boxers and a tank top to work. I clean my own space in that attire…why can’t I get paid to clean someone else’s in the same outfit?

I think I may have misused “irony.” Bad English major.

The weather is pretty, today. Stormy. Tut tut, looks like rain.

This is my idea of summer.


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