I Packed My Angry Eyes…

List of things that make me angry:

  1. When I am treated as though my thoughts could not possibly have validity because I: am not religious; grew up being religious; am “young,” as though my beliefs are a rebellious phase I will inevitably grow out of. There is a possibility that my beliefs will change over time. I will not dispute that. But the supposed impermanence of my beliefs/ideas/concerns does not make them invalid here and now.
  2. When people respond to my being offended with “that is your choice,” absolving themselves or the institution that they are defending of any responsibility in the situation.
  3. When these same people expect me to apologize for offending them.
  4. When people call me “nazi.” This occurs most frequently in the context of “grammar-nazi” or “femi-nazi.” Neither me pointing out the incorrect usage of a word nor me calling for the dismantling of an oppressive/patriarchal system resemble nazism. Try counteracting my arguments with actual rebuttals and not ad hominem attacks.
  5. When people think that it is okay to tell me how to behave/dress/speak.
  6. When people think that, because they identify as women, telling me how to behave/dress/speak is a “feminist” move.
  7. When people decide to point out how every system they don’t belong to is awful, while their system is THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE AND AWESOME system.
  8. When people dismiss or outright ignore the parallels and/or connections between their own system and the systems they deem to be “evil.”
  9. When people laugh and call me ignorant before having done their own investigation into a matter.
  10. When people tell me not to get angry.

3 thoughts on “I Packed My Angry Eyes…

  1. I’m warning you to prepare yourself for this for the rest of forever. And it sucks. I’ve been reading Scott Peck’s psychological theories on the development of spirituality; sadly, most of our regional friends and family are trapped in stage two which leaves NO room for question, let alone further development. The culture is stuck there, really. You might want to check out this guy’s essays: Further Along the Road Less Traveled: The Unending Journey Toward Spiritual Growth (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993). “Knowing Yourself” was particularly brilliant. (Sorry for the long reply.)

  2. Amen, my friend. I have been facing similar frustrations and it is unfortunate that it will be a constant obstacle throughout life. Stay strong and stay you!

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