Jesus Is Not Virtuous.

I stopped drinking caffeine on September 19th of last year. Considering that Dr. Pepper was a twice-daily part of my life, it was a pretty big deal. I did it because caffeine messes with my ability to have restful sleep and it makes me more anxious than I already am. That, and caffeine exacerbates my migraines. Welp. The 8-ish month stint of caffeine-free living came to an abrupt halt this morning.

Oh my goodness. I have missed Coke.

I seriously took one sip and let out this contented moan, with my eyes rolling up. It was that marvelous.

I got a Coke on the way home from work because I had to write a paper. I had the wonderful opportunity of arguing that Jesus isn’t virtuous. Aristotle says so. It was a lot of fun to write, albeit difficult with the heightened anxiety that the caffeine induced. Now I want to go to sleep. Instead, I am going to shower, and then return to the Philosophy world with Immanuel Kant. It’s looking doubtful that I’ll get any sleep before class, today. I’m going to try and track down an iced hazelnut macchiato before school. Why not overdose on caffeine after my first day back?

Jennifer and I went hiking on Monday. It was the first time I’d been hiking in years. We did a very, very short hike to a place called Grotto Falls. It was pretty. I’d forgotten how relaxing it is to be in the mountains and away from civilization. I’d love to live someplace along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Someplace green. Someplace peaceful.

Someplace with breathable air would be a bonus, as well.

Here’s the falls:Image


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