Spring Break. Slept until 4pm. Went shopping with Jennifer. Well. He went shopping with me. Found a new Chinese restaurant that is bound to become a favorite. Watched Atlantis: The Lost Empire at Jennifer’s. Home by midnight for a Supernatural marathon. Good day. Not many of those come around, so we’re taking stock of the situation.

Things I learned, today, that I already knew:

  1. I am less impulsive when I shop with someone else. Hence Jennifer.
  2. Whether it’s a bag of mandarin oranges or a bag of potato chips, compulsive eating is still compulsive eating.
  3. I am so much like my mother, and in all the ways I want to be. And I am so, so happy about that. Don’t tell her that, though.
  4. Sometimes, impulse is a good thing. When your brain tells you that it’s time for Disneyland, it’s probably time for Disneyland. (11 days. I don’t even like California, but 11 days.)
  5. I need to get a passport.
  6. I will always be a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of person. And you can never have too many black items of clothing.
  7. It’s fun to be a tease. But know when to stop.
  8. Giving a person a uterus is a cruel punishment.
  9. Believe in yourself. And when that voice in the back of your head tells you that you’re not worth believing in, tell it to shut up and pack that voice back in its box.
  10. Love yourself. Because you deserve to be loved, and it is no use waiting for someone else to come along and do it for you.

A little mushy, I know. But, really. Good days hold good things to remember. Now, I think I’m going to call it a night…or watch one more episode of Supernatural. Either way, ta-ta for now.


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