Auditory Tripping.

Music is therapy.

I’m sitting in the cross hall at school, waiting for work to start. I had hoped Jennifer would be here early, so we could chat about my evening. He hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m on my laptop. Blogging. Listening to trip hop.

Think about the most intensely sensual experience you’ve ever had.

Multiply that by ten.

Imagine that feeling in sound waves.

That would be trip hop.


I listen to all sorts of music. Jazz. Folk. Classical. Classic Rock. Industrial. Funk. 90s Teen Pop. Others. I play the piano, and alto sax, and I sing, sometimes. Music has always been a fundamental part of my life.

But trip hop.

So, I’m listening to Massive Attack. They’re my favorite trip-hop group. Then Portishead. Then Sneaker Pimps.

It’s like all the anxiety of the past week is melting out of my body and joining the sound waves. Which I imagine I can see, if I close my eyes. The ultimate in visualization.

Anyway. It’s time to go clock in for work, so I’ll stop with the random posit on trip hop. Goodbye to Massive Attack, and to you. For now.


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