Trust Issues…

Can you trust yourself?

I can’t. Trust myself, that is. I’m sure that I can trust you, depending on the situation. I cannot trust myself, regardless of the situation.

I am learning, slowly, that my brain is full of poison. I have adopted, through the years of maladjustment and dangerous “coping” mechanisms, a toxic way of thinking. And I’m searching for The Antidote.

Minus the part where you cannot just inject yourself with something and have your brain magically transform into Healthy.

I follow The Bloggess, She makes me laugh, which is something that is hard to do, these days. But, when I found her, she had posted something about how “Depression Lies.” And it does.

And on days like this, or weeks like this, or months like this, I try to remind myself of that. Depression lies. Sometimes it’s hard to remember. Sometimes it’s easy to remember but difficult to internalize. Sometimes you know it’s true, but that doesn’t stop your world from spinning like it’s threatening to throw you off of it.

But. Still. Depression lies.

Which can be a comforting tidbit of information, at times.


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