Nothing of Any Particular Importance.

Hello, World. It has been a long time. (I do not have anything profound to say to you…so just let me speak at you for a bit, yeah?)

It isn’t that I haven’t been thinking about you. I have been. I have just been spending my time reading. Watching movies. Translating paragraphs from Latin into English. Hanging out with Jennifer, to whom I am almost literally attached at the hip.

Sometimes I think about how great it is that Jennifer does not actively read what I post. I can tell him that I write about him, give a brief overview of what’s been written, and leave it at that. He’s sitting next to me right now, reading the MLA Handbook. Completely unaware of the fact that I am writing about him. I like this life.


I’m going to officially change my major, today.

I have been listed as a Political Science major for the past three years. I stopped pursuing a Political Science degree two years and eleven months ago. No big deal.

So, today my major will officially be changed to English, with a concentration in Literary Studies.

I still need to officially add a Gender Studies minor.



Today marks Day Two of running on fewer-than-four hours of sleep. How awesome is that? Not. Not at all.

I work from 9pm until 2am. Or thereabouts. I love my job. I do not love the days when I have to be functional before noon.

Essentially, I am blogging in order to stay awake.


There are times when my keyboard doesn’t keep up with my fingers, and misspelled words find their way into the draft of my post. C’mon, WordPress. Don’t you know I’m trying to create new words, here? Stop stifling my creative spirit.


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