The Name’s Anxiety.

Today marks the beginning of a new semester, and I am NERVOUS.

For those of you who experience this pre-semester anxiety on a regular basis, I commend you for pushing through it and attending class in spite of it. I do not get nervous about school. Ever.

Imagine you are in first grade, and your teacher asks you to draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up. My picture is of me sitting behind a desk, in a classroom, with a backpack full of books at my feet.

Imagine you are in junior high, and your guidance counselor asks you where you want to be in ten years. My immediate response is, “School.”

Imagine you are a supposed-senior in college, and you are supposed to be graduating…but you aren’t, because you changed your major. Six times. That is my life. Am I losing sleep over it? Not really, because I would choose to be a career student for the rest of my life, if I could find some way to do so.

I want to get paid to learn things and take classes. Dream job, right there. Ideally, learning things and taking classes would also involve an extensive travel itinerary to places like Tuscany, and The South of France, and Santorini, and London, and Prague, and more places that capitalized not because they are proper nouns but because they are such cool places.

I go to school. I have a job on campus. I spend more time at school then I do anyplace else. Not only are the buildings home to me, but Academia as an institution is my home. I have social anxiety. I don’t to well with people. I am clumsy, so physical activity is not my strong point. I am smart. Curious. Books have always been close friends of mine. I have always excelled in school. It is where I am most comfortable. Where I am in my element.

So. Tell me, please. Why am I nervous about beginning a new semester?


I am attempting to unwind and calm down by drinking Crio Bru (my new favorite beverage) and watching Supernatural. Drinking stimulants and watching “scary” things. I know. I am aware of how that sounds, in terms of plausibly calming me down.

Don’t judge me.

However, the watching of Supernatural is being delayed by the Wii console, which needed to update itself right this very second or it would have initiated self-destruct sequence. I’m back at my place, which has a Wii console. At Mom’s, there is an Xbox 360, which is preferable to a Wii. I am on round three of attempting to perform the Wii system update, and I am doubtful that the attempt will actually work.

I just want my fix of Dean Winchester, okay?


I spent most of the weekend at Jennifer’s. He is back safely from the great Canadian province of Alberta. Hooray!

We have been watching James Bond movies. We started at the end of last semester. I had only seen four James Bond movies (The Living Daylights, Die Another Day, Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace. In that order.), and Jennifer would not let that continue. He loves the James Bond series. So, we started a marathon. From the beginning. Early last night, we finished up through Die Another Day. *30-second dance party*

Daniel Craig is, of course, the best Bond. That is not up for discussion. It is the truth of the universe handed down from the Bond gods. Timothy Dalton is next, in all his awesomeness. And then Pierce Brosnan. Sean Connery is next, though there is quite the gap between him and Pierce. I’ll put Roger Moore after Sean and George Lazenby last…however, I feel I should let you know that I fell asleep during On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and cannot give you a proper critique of Lazenby’s Bondness. Roger Moore is a terrible Bond. Utterly deplorable. For those of you who consider Moore to be THE Bond: get over yourselves. Just because he was in the MOST Bond movies does not make him the best.

I plan on watching the first two Daniel Craig Bonds soon, here. I want to see Skyfall before it leaves the normal theaters and enters the dollar-ish ones. I waited too long to go see The Dark Knight Rises, and was left with a dollar-ish theater as my only option. I got decked in the face by some lady, and then she decided to sit right next to me. There were only six other people in the theater, with Batman and Jennifer as my witnesses, and the crazy person punched me in the face and then sat RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

We want to enjoy Skyfall without any similar incidents.


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