I put things in boxes. I make lists. (I am definitely more like my mother than she knows.)

One of my siblings turned 14, yesterday. I celebrated by making a list of things that happened in my 14-year-old life, while he was playing Halo 4 with his friends.

When I Was 14:

  1. Had my first kiss. First “boyfriend.” Awww. He did change my life, though.
  2. Stopped using a Sharpie as my preferred writing utensil.
  3. Participated in my first theater competition. Shakespeare festival. I was Viola, from Twelfth Night.
  4. A rumor was spread about me secretly being a prostitute. Which some people believed.
  5. Eyeliner! Black. And black t-shirts. Became acutely aware of how much I hate wearing floral prints.
  6. Started eating. Lost 2o pounds.
  7. Found Korn. Judge me all you want. I love Korn.
  8. Flew by myself for the first time. To Long Beach, from Salt Lake City. I felt pretty special, walking across a tarmac.
  9. Cast as a 40s secretary in two plays. Hyperventilated on stage — on purpose. The skills I learned during those shows have stuck with me, but apparently my roles don’t count as work experience.
  10. Played poker for the first time. Had some major beginner’s luck. Have never won a game since.

What were you doing, when you were 14?


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