I used to have a box labeled “Broken Electronics.” This was not a figurative box inside my brain, but an actual box that sat on the floor of my closet. Old phones and CD players and mp3 players and voice recorders filled this box. I don’t know what happened to that box.

I’m getting to the point where I need a new laptop. Mine is old (3.5 years) and dying. It will cost more money to replace the parts that need replacing than it will to just get a new machine. So. I’m shopping for laptops.

I also need a new phone. The screen on mine has been cracked for almost a year. It doesn’t bother me, so long as the cracked pieces of screen stay intact, and don’t stab me in the face while I’m on the phone. But, the power button has recently become skitzy, and doesn’t always allow me to turn on my phone. So. I’m shopping for phones.

I hate buying new electronics. I suddenly become aware of how spoiled I am, and I don’t know how to reconcile that with my self-deprecating personality. “I’m really not that awesome, but I have all these new-fangled gadgets.” Mm. Brat. I also become aware of how consumeristic America is, and that makes me sick. And then I go and participate in it. Hypocrisy for the win? *Gag*

Truthfully, I want to just bide my time until someone invents a printer that I can hook up to my brain, and then I can compose volumes without having to use a computer of any sort. And I’m waiting for Jennifer and my mother to pick up on my telepathy so I can dispense with a phone altogether. Thus far, no one can read my mind.

Even when I can read theirs.


It is “Christmas” break. My breaks are normally spent watching copious amounts of crime dramas and eating excessive amounts of homemade snacks. This break has been no different.

I started watching Supernatural on Netflix. I do not personally have a Netflix account, but my brother does. And he and I have late-night Supernatural marathons in our mother’s basement. I don’t know why I have never watched this show before. Attractive men hunting ghosts and demons, who are occasionally attractive women?? Haha. Kidding. Though that is pretty much what happens. I’d love to write papers about Supernatural, someday. Though, I’m more interested in how religious people perceive crime dramas in general. My mother, for example, hates most of the shows I watch because she thinks it’s bringing evil into my mind. Crime dramas are my superhero movies. I don’t get into people with crazy powers saving the world. But I do like watching human beings take down bad guys.


I don’t attend church on a regular basis, but when I do, it is typically with my family. Like I did yesterday.

I have this thing about church musical numbers. Most of them are cheesy and detract from whatever sense of good will toward humankind that going to church supposedly instills in people. Some are beautiful. The beautiful ones aren’t usually “appropriate” for the setting. There was one such musical number yesterday. A lovely classical piano solo.

My spirituality is tied heavily to music.

Also, I have never understood why people think it’s cute to listen to little children sing. Unless the little child is mine, in some fashion, I hate hate HATE listening to little kids sing. Not cute. Very obnoxious. Encourage kids to sing. Teach them about music and its power to uplift and inspire. Just don’t make me listen to it.

And on that note, I’m going to track down some hot cider. It’s blizzarding, outside.


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